• Pierre Jodlowski, Passage 2016

  • Wioleta Muras, Soundscapes of Basel, Switzerland, 2015

  • Kamila Staśko-Mazur, The noises are a different kind
The hum of Warsaw’s Trasa Łazienkowska can be heard from a huge distance. The echoes of passing cars reverberate through the nooks and crannies of the surrounding residential districts and parks. How does one’s hearing adjust to the noise? What to do about the bothersome sounds of the city? Asking locals and passersby about the noise yielded a number of testimonies of sensitivity to Warsaw’s sound environment showed that hearing is interweaved with other means of sensory perception, and that people define silence and noise in many different ways.

  • Wioleta Muras, “What’s the sound around the corner?” The soundscapes of private and public urban spaces

The presentation is based on field research conducted in May and June on one of Warsaw’s housing estates as a part of the Archipelag Dźwięków (Sound Archipelago) festival in 2015. The recordings are only a small selection of the recorded material, representing the most recognizable sound phenomena of the visited areas and presenting the different forms of urban silence and noise.

  • Filip Frąckowski, Bus. Zhengzhou, 2015

Buses in Zhengzhou, Henan province, PRC are a key part of the city’s public transport system. They are so frequent that a schedule is not necessary. Everybody knows that between 6 AM and 11 PM a bus will come to your stop within a few minutes. Sometimes several buses of the same line come at once. The drivers are usually women.

  • Filip Frąckowski, The color of mourning. Funeral in Zhengzhou, 3.05.2015

  • Filip Frąckowski Whip and bumblebee. Zhengzhou, 21.05.2015

The sounds of whipping fill Lv Chang Guang Cheng (“green city square”) in Zhengzhou, Henan province, central China. Whipping is a way to relax outdoors, keep your mind and body in shape, and meet people. Here, the practice takes place in a recreational area. However, one can also come across men whipping each other (although without bumblebees) at the square in front of the railway station. Basically, anywhere there’s space.

  • Filip Frąckowski Playing chess. Zhengzhou, 09.06.2014

The locals in Zhengzhou (pronounced jong-joh), the capital of the Henan province, play cards, mah-jong  (which looks like dominoes), and chess. Every day groups of players congregate in different places, becoming an integral part of the city’s land- and soundscape.

  • Interview with Professor Barry Truax led by Robert Losiak, Kamila Staśko-Mazur, Krzysztof Marciniak, Sławek Wieczorek

  • Interview with Professor Krzysztof Knittel (in Polish, Wrocław 20.10.2013)

  • Magdalena Szczepaniak: Seattle Sound Walk

  • Kamila Staśko-Mazur: Odra

  • Kamila Staśko-Mazur: Lyon. I’impression sonore