Soundscape Research Studio

The Soundscape Research Studio was created in 2009 at the Institute of Cultural Studies of the University of Wrocław. Behind its range of activities lies the idea of research on the soundscape advanced by the Canadian composer and musical thinker R. Murray Schafer, the initiator of the World Soundscape Project, the basic concepts of which found a continuation in the activities of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE). The activities of our centre comprise a wide range of research and organizational initiatives, and in particular the interdisciplinary study of issues regarding Wrocław soundscapes, the organization of field research on the acoustic environment, documentation of soundscapes in the form of a sound archive, the creation of a public discussion forum regarding soundscape problems (discussion meetings, lectures, presentations, workshops), as well as educational work at the University of Wrocław, conducted within the cultural studies program and the musicology program.    

Present research projects:

  1. The Soundscape of Wrocław: Research on the Acoustic Environment of a Central European City
  2. The Soundscapes of Wrocław and Lviv: Comparative Studies


The Soundscape Research Studio
Institute of Cultural Studies
University of Wrocław
ul. Szewska 50, 50-139 Wrocław

THE SOUND MAP OF WROCŁAW is being created from field recordings conducted by the Soundscape Research Studio beginning in October 2011. The database is archived in the Library of Cultural Studies and Musicology of the University of Wrocław, and contains sound files complete with photographic documentation, descriptions, and commentaries. Two types of stereophonic digital recording devices are used for the recordings: ZOOM H4n and Tascam DR-100 with internal microphones, in the WAV 24 bit/ 44.1 kHz format.

The recordings located on the Map present various areas of the city and characteristic sound situations chosen from the sound database. They are shortened to around 1-2 minutes, and compressed into MP3s. The commentary is restricted to the title of the recording and basic information about the place, time, and atmospheric conditions. Most of the examples come with photos taken at the recording locations. The material presented on the Map will be successively expanded, and by 2014 we plan to have the entire database of Wrocław field recordings, archived on CD-ROMs, available in the Library of Cultural Studies and Musicology of the University of Wrocław.

The Sound Map of Wrocław